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2021 Adrian College Custom OBSIDIAN 200 Shaft - Design #1 - 30" - Attack/Midfield

2021 Adrian College Custom OBSIDIAN 200 Shaft - Design #1 - 30" - Attack/Midfield

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If you play at a high level and are sick of snapping and bending expensive shafts that claim to have a “best in class” strength-to-weight ratio but fail to deliver, then the OBSIDIAN 200 might be the right shaft for you. 

The OBSIDIAN 200 is a carbon composite shaft built for athletes that demand durability, performance, and quality in a lacrosse shaft and gives players the strength and confidence they need to take control of their game. 

Spend more time making plays out on the field instead of scrambling to find your backup after another broken stick. Pick up an OBSIDIAN 200 today. 


  • Ultra Durable - Weighing in at 200 grams, the OBSIDIAN 200 can take and pack a punch. This shaft is meant to go the distance and designed to last seasons, not months.
  • Fine Texture Finish - Slight sandpaper texture for optimal traction which provides grip without destroying the palms of your brand new gloves. Save time and money by not needing to tape your stick or buy a brand new pair of gloves every season.
  • Two Shape Profile Options - Choose from E - ErgoGrip™ an aggressive concave shape profile for ultimate control and feel in your hands. Or C - a classic concave profile most lacrosse players are accustomed to.
  • Impact Shield ™ - A proprietary non-woven thermoplastic material utilized in the outer layers of the lay-up which increases the impact resistance, fracture toughness, and vibration dampening to absorb the toughest checks. Soak more checks, score more goals.
  • Dynamic Flex - The optimal balance between soft and stiff which translates into the perfect combo of power and durability. Stiff enough to promote strong energy transfer and an accurate release while passing and shooting, yet flexible enough to absorb the hardest of checks. 

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London Booker
Shaft Review - weight/texture

Very stiff and rather heavy. Sand paper Texture was different than other shafts, pretty aggressive. Perfect shaft for box!