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If you play at a high level and are sick of snapping and bending expensive shafts that claim to have a “best in class” strength-to-weight ratio but fail to deliver, then the OBSIDIAN 175 might be the right shaft for you. 

The OBSIDIAN 175 is a carbon composite shaft built for athletes that demand durability, performance, and quality in a lacrosse shaft and gives players the strength and confidence they need to take control of their game. 

Spend more time making plays out on the field instead of scrambling to find your backup after another broken stick. Pick up an OBSIDIAN 175 today. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Ultra Durable - Weighing in at 175 grams, the OBSIDIAN 175 can take and pack a punch. This shaft is meant to go the distance and is designed to last seasons, not months.
  • Impact Shield ™ - Proprietary non-woven thermoplastic material utilized in the outer layers of the lay-up which increases the impact resistance, fracture toughness, and vibration dampening to absorb the toughest checks. Soak more checks, and score more goals. 
  • Soft Tack Finish - Slight rubberized so you can play your best without worrying about your hands slipping when shooting, passing, and dodging. 
  • Stiff or Dynamic Flex Options - Choose from Stiff or Dynamic Flex (Mid-Flex).  Stiff is better suited for those who value accuracy over shot power, and Dynamic is more suited for those looking to maximize shot power. 
  • Two Shape Options - Choose from E - Ergo Grip or Classic Concave. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anthony Tagavilla

There is too much to say about the quality of this product. But beyond the quality of the product is the investment into a lacrosse first company. Not only do their products stand up to the abuse of the game but the company is situated in a position to continue to help grow it. Quality and cost are ever increasing in this great game and Dave Monroe/Primo Lacrosse is doing their best to improve the game and improve it's access! Thank you! #growthegame

Bryce R.

great shaft. i use this shaft for college ball where practice and games are very physical and it can take a beating without me worrying about it snapping in two. very reliable, and i’d recommend this shaft to anyone

Jake H.
Best Feeling Shaft I've Used

No joke, I've used dozens of shafts over 15+ years and this one is my favorite. I have the 18K carbon fiber weave, sandpaper grip, 155 gram shaft. It feels great in my hands and flexes nicely on shots. I play men's league and don't need anything too expensive, so $90 each for these is an absolute steal. It's held up well so far and I will probably order a few more.

Mark A.
Very great company! The quality of this stick is top 3 out there.

I'm part of the blue collared working class, so all of this lacrosse equipment is all expensive as all hell. So it's nice to finally of found a company that has the same quality of the top name brands for a very reasonable price. My son has been playing for 6 yrs and as soon as he got this stick in his hands, it was like putting on Jordans he said.