Primo X 5lax Partnership Announcement

Primo X 5lax Partnership Announcement

We are excited to ounce our recent partnership with 5lax to develop a brand new head and potentially an entire line of heads that caters to each position.

Chris Laurita, the founder of 5lax, brings a wealth of experience in product development, engineering, and innovation in lacrosse equipment, from his work with both a major lacrosse brand and 5lax’s Clone Head (a lacrosse head that can be strung in under 5-minutes).

5lax Clone Lacrosse Head

The lacrosse head we are intending to launch first will be catered to the offensive-minded player, featuring a low-to-mid pocket sidewall rail, will be lightweight, and stiff, and include some other innovative features and enhancements not currently seen on lacrosse heads today (more to come on that if you follow our process 🙂).

We also have designs in the works for other player types and positions but intend to launch those later down the line.

Initial Base Concept Show Below: 

Primo 5lax Base Concept Lacrosse Head

What will be different about our heads?

Let’s be honest, the world doesn’t need just another lacrosse head. Especially one that sells for 120 bucks plus unstrung.

One of the major frustrations we see currently in lacrosse heads today is the high price tag.

We believe the incremental improvements/changes seen in lacrosse heads over the years, is hardly enough to justify the increasing price tags, especially when you peel back the layers of the actual cost to produce an elite-level head.

For example, the cost of material and labor to produce a lacrosse head is around 5 to 15 dollars (closer to 15 if you are utilizing the clear resins that have been becoming increasingly popular).

The rest of what you're paying for in the 99 - 120 dollar price tag can be summarized in the following:

  • Amortization of Engineering Development Time, and Tooling Investment
  • Overhead mark-ups to cover Marketing Expenses
  • Lacrosse Brands Profit
  • Retail Mark-ups

We have done our research and our leveraging the expertise of Chris and 5lax regarding bringing a lacrosse head to the market from scratch, both through the lens of how larger lacrosse brands do this and how to get this done on a less capital-intensive budget through 5lax’s trials and tribulations with Clone head.

If we want to grow this game, we must make it more inclusive and accessible. To do this, we need to find creative ways to reduce costs while offering the best quality product possible in terms of performance, durability, longevity, and timeless aesthetic.

This is the ultimate goal of our partnership with 5lax. We aim to challenge the conventional norms and practices of bringing an elite-level head to the market and do this at a much more affordable rate for the parents, coaches, players, and prospective players of the greatest sport on two feet. 

How do we plan to meet this goal?  

Simply put we plan to tackle and address the major cost drivers of bringing a lacrosse head to the market listed above by approaching each cost driver differently:

Major Cost Driver #1: Amortization of Engineering Time, Development, and Tooling Investment:

PRIMO X 5LAX Solution:

We are doing the upfront work ourselves, not paying the salary and engineering time other companies have or utilizing outside design firms whose engineering staff doesn’t even play the game which many top-name brands have done in the past. If you don’t believe us just check some of the previous work conducted by Priority Designs

Instead of investing upfront in major investments such as injection molding tooling and producing a head prior to releasing it to the public, we are reversing this process by broadcasting to our community our design process and asking supporters to help us with major investments such as injection mold tooling.

For those that believe in our approach and process and want to buy our heads, we will be offering them to you at a pre-order rate of $70 dollars.

This $70 investment will secure the first heads we produce and allow you “mold rights” to repurchase additional heads at a 35-dollar price point for the lifetime production of the head.

The 35-dollar price is over 3X less than what other “elite” level heads go for on the market and half of what Warrior had committed to selling their heads for in 2017 (that really stuck eh?).

Major Cost Driver #2: Overhead Mark-ups to Cover Marketing Expense:

PRIMO X 5LAX Solution:

We are taking a grass routes approach and allowing you, our community to see firsthand the design and development process, and allowing you to have a say and influence on critical decisions in the process. 

Major Cost Driver #3: Retail Mark-Ups:

PRIMO X 5LAX Solution:

Just like our shafts, we will not be selling this head through retail and have to share the profits accordingly, this cost is completely eliminated for you the end-user.

We want to hear from you!

We want to hear from you!

If you are still with us and read through this entire email, thank you for reading! We want your feedback.

  • What are your thoughts regarding this partnership and project?
  • Do you want to learn more and help us with the development project?
  • Are you willing to help crowdfund this project to help bring it to life?

Post a comment below to give us your thoughts and feedback. 

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We are partnered with 5lax as well, I an super interested in making and designing new heads, can we talk more about this?

Landon Compton

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