We believe that all those who play or wish to play the greatest sport on two feet should have access to quality gear at an affordable price point. The current options for lacrosse gear have become oversaturated with high-cost, low-differentiated options. With everything we do, we aim to challenge the conventional way of thinking.  From our business model, product design, material selection, manufacturing process, and more, we aim to think outside the box and find new creative solutions to grow the game and enhance the sport.

Primo is a brand for those that recognize true value, and doesn’t get sucked into the hype promised by so many brands that all have common law trademarks and different names for “technology” that misrepresents proprietary tech as common manufacturing and design practice.  

Primo’s focus is not limited to solving the price barrier issue, but also how challenge to the status quo in other areas as well.  Lacrosse has unfortunately developed a reputation and stigma of being “rich white kid sport” reserved for the wealthy affluent of the east coast. 

Primo is for the underdogs, the ones with grit, passion, and perseverance. For those that value the process over the end result and the ones who are committed to constant and never ending improvement in all facets and not satisfied with the status quo.