The Cream of the Crop: Our Favorite Custom Lacrosse Shafts We Made in 2023

The Cream of the Crop: Our Favorite Custom Lacrosse Shafts We Made in 2023

Looking back on the unforgettable year that 2023 was, we’re blown away by the amazing custom lacrosse shafts we’ve had the privilege of crafting for all sorts of fantastic teams. Our customers have keenly embraced these custom-made beauties, and they've rapidly become a fan favorite amongst the lacrosse community - a heartwarming testament to our unwavering dedication. Let's hit the rewind button and highlight some of our favorite shafts that we made in 2023. 

1. Victoria Blazers

Our first highlight from the top 5 of 2023 is the Victoria Blazers shaft. It has a unique and attention-grabbing color combo of Neon Pink and Turquoise which creates an impressive spectacle on the field. The shaft features one of the coolest logos in the game — a mysterious cat (or bobcat, we're not entirely sure!) shooting a blazing lacrosse ball out of its mouth. Adding to its distinct personality is a fantastic space image incorporated on the lower third of the shaft with a striking bordered printed circuit board pattern. It's an out-of-this-world look that truly sets it apart.

Victoria Blazers Custom Lacrosse Shaft


Victoria Blazers - Primo Shaft

Victoria Blazers Lacrosse Action

The Blazers are a Sr. C team that plays in the VILL - Vancouver Island Lacrosse League.

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2. Team Mexico

Next up, we have the Team Mexico shafts, that we were extremely proud to customize for the 2023 world games over the summer. The design is a tasteful homage to Mexico’s flag colors, beautifully coordinated with their 2023 set-up. Two superb designs were created — a predominant black colorway with green and red accents, and another split Green/White design with pleasing hints of red.

Team Mexico Custom Lacrosse Shaft - White

Team Mexico Custom Lacrosse Shaft - Black

Team Mexico Custom Lacrosse Shafts Action 1

Team Mexico Lacrosse Shaft Action 2

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3. Colorado Freeze

Our third highlight is the Colorado Freeze shafts. True to the name, it boasts a cool (no pun intended) color scheme of light blue, black, white, and beige accents. We crafted this beauty in three different color ways, each featuring a fierce yeti logo that perfectly represents the team's spirit.

Colorado Freeze Custom Box Lacrosse Shafts 1

 Colorado Freeze Custom Box Lacrosse Shafts 2

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4. Lacrossing Barriers

Featuring next on our list is the Lacrossing Barriers shafts. These are not just sweet lacrosse shafts, but are a symbol of a great cause. Lacrossing Barriers is a non-profit dedicated to providing opportunities to play, move, and learn for those in marginalized communities. We were honored to partner with them on these shafts, which came in an eye-catching maroon & beige colorway. Five different variants of this shaft were made, each as stunning as the other.

Lacrossing Barriers Custom Lacrosse Shafts


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Roc E6

Finally, we have the Roc E6 shaft, a testament to a great program that is contributing to the growth of the sport in the right way. Roc E6, founded by Arkee Allen and Art Alvut in 2005, started as a summer camp for inner-city youth, to expose them to sports they might not have previously experienced, while also focusing on their education. The principles of the Program: Empowerment, Education, Exposure, Exercise, Equity, and Ethics, are boldly imprinted on the back of these all-white shafts with royal blue and gray accents.

ROC E6 Custom Lacrosse Shafts

Interested in Custom Shafts for Your Team or Program?

We are ready to bring the expert craftsmanship and innovative design of our custom lacrosse shafts to your team or program. If you're interested in securing custom shafts that not only elevate your game but also resonate with your team's spirit and aesthetics, please reach out to us.

Contact us at for more information, and we'll be glad to discuss your requirements. We also offer free mockups of your potential lacrosse shafts, enabling you to have a glimpse of your future game-changing equipment.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to provide your team with the best, custom equipment in the game. We look forward to forging the next masterpiece for you.

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